Billing Automation

The Power of Automated Billing and Invoicing for WISPs

Running a successful WISP can be a challenging task, with various aspects to manage, from network infrastructure to customer support and everything in between. However, one critical area that often gets overlooked is billing and invoicing. Manual billing processes are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and financial losses. In this [...]

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Scaling Billing Operations with Sonar

Managing the financial aspect of an ISP business can be a complex undertaking, especially as your customer base and transaction volumes grow. Fortunately, Sonar, with its flexible billing engine, offers a solution that not only streamlines billing processes but also helps ISPs scale efficiently. In this blog post, we will explore how Sonar's billing capabilities empower ISPs to handle [...]

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A Guide To Choosing the Right ISP Software

In an era where connectivity reigns supreme, the demand for reliable and efficient internet service has reached unprecedented heights. Behind the scenes, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a pivotal role in delivering the seamless connectivity that businesses and individuals rely on. To conquer the challenges of the ever-evolving digital landscape, ISPs require nothing short of extraordinary software solutions. These [...]

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The Benefits of Automating Billing and Provisioning for MDU Service Providers

Multi-dwelling unit (MDU) service providers play a critical role in providing essential services such as internet, cable TV, and phone services to residents in apartment buildings, condominiums, and other multi-unit properties. However, managing the billing and provisioning processes for a large number of tenants can be a daunting task, leading to errors, additional truck rolls, service delays, and dissatisfied [...]

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5 Key Benefits of Automating Your Enterprise Billing System

In the fast-paced world of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), a well-functioning billing system is essential for success. With increasing customer demands and evolving business models, automation has become a game-changer for ISPs.  In this blog, we will explore the five key benefits of automating your enterprise billing system and how it can revolutionize your operations. As technology advances and [...]

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3 Key Ingredients to Improve Financial Operations

Financial operations are essential to your ISP's success. However, many Internet Service Providers struggle with financial operations, especially when managing complex financial data. To improve financial operations and accounting processes, here are some key ingredients that can help to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.   Automate Revenue Collection Automated billing tools can be an effective way to improve the [...]

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7 Ways Internet Service Providers Can Combat Inflation

Telecommunication is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Over the last decade, the global telecommunications market has seen a significant increase in investment and growth. With the economic recovery gaining steam and many businesses and governments trying to return to pre-pandemic levels, the Covid-19 pandemic presented a wide range of challenges and opportunities for the telecom industry. [...]

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Why Automated Billing is Essential for Expanding your Business

It’s undeniable that cash flow is the backbone of any business, and that includes Internet Service Providers. Whether you are delivering service via fiber, satellite or, somewhere in between, every avenue of your business depends on managing timely and accurate billing. As an ISP, this goes beyond simply accepting payment for a customer’s service; this entails purchasing inventory, [...]

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9 Things Every Internet Service Provider Should Automate to Save Time & Money

Operating an ISP can feel like an endless list of to-dos, emails, and mundane tasks that consume entire days. There are many businesses that place a large focus on the viability of their product, the efficiency of their employees, or the monthly recurring revenue without considering the most valuable resource; time. With Sonar, you have a partner to [...]

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5 Manual Tasks Holding your ISP Back from Growth

One of the leading causes of errors and accidents in the workplace is human error, just your regular run-of-the-mill mistake, and the reason for this is repetition. Studies have found that the act of repeatedly doing the same task can cause us to become complacent, and when the solution can be as simple as automating certain business processes, why wouldn’t [...]

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