Improve customer experience & resolve issues faster

Sonar’s intuitive ticketing and CRM feature consolidates your CSR’s workflows into one system. Reduce unnecessary support tickets, increase ticket response times and improve customer experience.

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Keep your customers happy with swift ticket resolution

Ticketing is fully integrated within the Sonar platform. Incoming tickets are automatically associated with customer accounts, call logs can be escalated to tickets, and tickets can be linked to service calls for faster resolution. Sonar also lets you create internal tickets and link them to customer tickets to track impact.

  • Simple and advanced filtering
  • Track customer communication with call logs
  • Segmented ticket groups and ticket categories
  • Customizable inbound mailbox
  • Mass ticket editing

Simplify your workflow with canned email responses

Canned replies are an essential tool that reduces response time for your customer service representatives. Create communication templates so your staff can answer commonly reoccurring questions. Speed up customer communications while reducing human error and maintaining consistency with the language and responses used by your employees.

  • Customizable communication templates
  • Personalized tokens and custom signatures
  • Maintain brand consistency

Monitor customer interactions and build a superior support team

Sonar’s reporting module enables your customer support team to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Analyze key metrics to improve ticket response times, customer service productivity, and messaging to your customers to reduce repeat tickets.

Leveraging business intelligence reporting can help reduce call times, reduce the number of emails exchanged in a ticket, and increase customer retention opportunities.

  • Average response time
  • Average handle time
  • Customer contact rate
  • Customer retention
  • Tickets closed per agent and more!

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